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Attract Gen Z Homebuyers with These 7 Marketing Tips

Every generation gets its time in the spotlight. And right now, that spotlight is firmly on Gen Z, a cohort for whom the internet is their second home. Speaking of homes, the oldest “Zoomers” are turning 25 this year — the age when mo...

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A Real Estate Agent’s Most Powerful Tool

Real estate agents have different tools they can use to get new sellers to list their homes with them, but your real estate website can be the most powerful tool that you have -- as long as you nurture it. Take a look at your website rig...

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8 Seconds to Impressing Your Website Visitors

Did you know that an average website visitor takes only around 8 seconds to decide whether to stay on your site?  It takes more than visual appeal to make your real estate website achieve the goals that you have set.   Here are a...

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How A Real Estate Agent Can Increase Their Leads

People assume that they can just put up a website and the leads will come pouring in. Well that's like opening up a new storefront, but not having a business sign to tell people who you are and that you're open for business.  Once your s...

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Tips for A Better Real Estate Video

Real estate professionals are now making the most out of the digital marketing revolution by utilizing any medium and platform they can to market their services. Aside from a professional  website, you can create your own real estate vide...

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Web Conferencing Tools for Real Estate

A convenient alternative to sit-down meetings is web conferencing and real estate agents, brokers and company executives should take advantage of its many benefits. With functionalities like video chatting, real-time voice conference and file ...

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