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Attract Gen Z Homebuyers with These 7 Marketing Tips

Every generation gets its time in the spotlight. And right now, that spotlight is firmly on Gen Z, a cohort for whom the internet is their second home.

Speaking of homes, the oldest “Zoomers” are turning 25 this year — the age when most people start considering homeownership.

As a realtor, most of your time is likely spent catering to millennials and Gen X’ers. However, you simply can’t afford to overlook this up-and-coming generation. To help you get a head start, take a look at this guide we prepared.

Getting To Know Gen Z

Just who are the people who belong to Gen Z? Demographic experts tend to place their birth years between 1997 and 2012.

Aside from age, however, the most important characteristic of a Gen Z is their affinity to all things technology. Whereas millennials spent a huge chunk of their childhoods in an analog world, Zoomers have been immersed in the digital lifestyle since they were in grade school. Naturally, this informs how you should reach out and interact with this group when they finally decide to go house-hunting.

Getting To Know Gen Z Homebuyers

Indeed, homeownership is very much a goal for people in this age group. Studies show that 85% of them plan to buy a home, with having a place to call their own being the primary motivation. They plan on purchasing a property fairly soon, too, with 48% saying they will do so between the ages of 25 to 29.

Now that you have a better grasp of who your future client will be, how do you turn them into customers?

1. Be Digitally Savvy

The defining characteristic of Gen Z is the fact that they’re digital natives. This means that they came of age in the online era, where the internet is as ubiquitous as electricity. This also means that if they need a realtor, they’ll turn to the internet to find one. They’ll Google the best agents in their area, visit their website to see their listings, and hit them up on TikTok if they have questions. If you don’t have a presence on the digital channels that matter to them, you’ll struggle to make headway with this hyperconnected generation.

2. Highlight Technology As An Amenity

For the youngest homebuyers in the market, technology is no longer a convenience — it’s a necessity. As a generation that grew up around smartphones, tablets, and other internet-capable devices, it’s hardly surprising that tech is such a big factor in their home search. That’s why properties with features like smart thermostats, USB power sockets, and smart appliances will likely pique their interest. Zoomers are all about connectivity and convenience, so keep this in mind when showing them listings.

Highlight Technology As An Amenity

3. Sell A Purpose (Not Just Property)

It’s also important to clearly communicate what your values are as an agent. Remember: Gen Zs will only work with an agent whose principles match theirs. If you support various charitable institutions or have corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, be sure to highlight them in your website or social media postings. Not only will it get you good press, but it will also help Zoomers warm up to you.

4. Think Green

Did you know that 76% of Gen Zs are worried about climate change? Indeed, this generation has a keen sense for environmental welfare, a mindset that also affects what they buy. Again, the numbers bear this fact: 73% of them are willing to pay more for sustainable products. What does this mean for agents? It really pays to highlight the “green” features of a house, be it the sustainable construction materials, energy-saving architecture, or solar panels. Gen Z put their money where their values are, so make sure to market your listings accordingly.

5. Entice With “New Normal” Features

These days, houses are more than just a place to come home to; thanks to the pandemic, they also double as offices, too. This is crucial because Gen Zs are redefining the future of the workplace, with almost 70% of them preferring to work remotely at least half the time. If you’re a realtor, it means the listings you present must be able to accommodate a work-from-home lifestyle. A home office, for one, will be an especially potent draw for younger buyers who want more flexible working arrangements.

Entice With “New Normal” Features

6. Make A Home Move-In Ready

For such a young and enterprising generation, Gen Zs are surprisingly risk-averse. This is hardly surprising, though, as they’ve lived through 9/11, the Great Recession, and the COVID-19 pandemic. If they have qualms about a listing, they’re more likely to walk away from it rather than risk spending a ton of money fixing it up. That’s why it’s crucial to stage a house and have it inspected so these young buyers feel reassured that the property is a good investment.

7. Deliver A Seamless Experience

If there’s one factor that’s true across generations, it’s that quality service matters. Of course, what quality service means to Gen Zs might be different from your other clients. For a generation that’s used to getting the information they want on the fly thanks to the internet, they’ll want to get hands-on service and prompt responses to their queries. Likewise, they appreciate being able to view a home remotely before going on a showing via technologies like virtual tour platforms. When handling clients of this generation, seamless service is of utmost importance.

Boost Your Digital Presence

The battle for tomorrow’s clients starts today, so you have to be proactive about prospecting Gen Zs, many of whom are on the cusp of homeownership.

Of course, to effectively attract and engage this tech-savvy demographic, you need to have a good online presence. And that begins with an excellent website and a solid digital marketing campaign.

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What’s more, we offer end-to-end digital marketing services so that Gen Zs can find you on all relevant digital channels. Whether it’s search ads, social media posts, or informative blog posts, we’ve got all your bases covered.

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