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Have You Considered Your Client’s Love Life?

We're not saying to meddle in their personal lives.  However, in honor of the month of February and that Valentine's Day is only more or less a week away, here are some findings about dating and real estate from a survey conducted by Harris ...

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Get Your Gmail Stats with Gmail Meter

If you are a businessman, a web professional or just any other technology-dependent citizen, then you must be using your email on a daily basis more than the average person. If you are using Gmail, then you may want to install this one. What i...

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Top 10 Most Visited Real Estate Sites

Yahoo! Real Estate takes the #1 spot as the most popular real estate-related website in January followed by HGTV FrontDoor. Online consumer intellgence company, Experian Hitwise, lists the rest of the top 10; ranked by visits for the week endi...

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Realtor Tips: Post your Trulia Rentals on Craigslist

Trulia is one of the top real estate resource sites that cater to buyers, sellers, agents and brokers, with Reuters reporting in 2010 that the site is being visited by 11 million visitors every month. Recently, Trulia has launched a "Post-to-...

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