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Real Estate Marketing Tip: Say It Well with Infographics

If you’re bored silly of writing long text entries and endless statistics for your real estate blog or website,  inject some creativity to your marketing and create an Infographic.

Infographics are simple, graphic representations of information or data, used to present complex info quickly and clearly.

Take a look at this real estate infographic sample on Home Affordability from CreditScore.

Here’s why we like infographic as a marketing technique: 

1. Simplicity and appeal.

  • Unless your prospects have the time of day,  they probably won’t read the long text content on your site’s Buyer/Seller resource page.
  • Infographics segregate data into bite-sized chunks, accompanied by colorful graphics such as charts, diagrams, and illustrations.
  • This allows you to understand and retain the statistics presented, making your prospects more informed, whether they are looking to buy or sell a property.

2. Accessible online and offline

  • Since it’s published as an image, it can be easily saved on a laptop or mobile device even for offline use and can also be printed and distributed manually.

3. Viral

  • Infographics contribute a lot in terms of company branding and promotion and they look so appealing that thay are instantly shareable.
  • A link to your website at the end of the infographic makes sure that people find their way back to your website.

4. Budget-friendly

  • When effectively distributed, Infographics have the potential to reach your market not unlike a paid ad but with less cost. With the right design and content, you can come up with a great Infographic that can be disseminated through various platforms. is now looking into developing a platform where marketers can automatically have an infographic created and showcased.

Visual information is powerful, but requires a bit of work to create. You can ask a graphic designer to help you make sure that you’re effectively getting your message across.

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