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Our 30-Day Social Media Content Plan For Real Estate Agents

Agents wear many hats, from real estate expert, to business owner, to customer service representative, and more. And given this hyperconnected world we live in, there’s one more hat you have to don: social media maven.

Why? Because 99% of millennials, the biggest group of first-time homebuyers, begin their home search online. And 79% of them use social media multiple times a day.

How can you brainstorm social media content when you’re juggling so many balls already? Easy: we’ve already made a content plan for you!

Introducing our done-for-you social media calendar

Introducing our done-for-you social media calendar

The goal of this cheat sheet is to help you quickly come up with social media posts. You don’t have to use them in order and you can turn some posts into recurring features. Think of this calendar as an idea starter, so feel free to customize the posts as you see fit.

  • Day 01 New Listings

    What better way to start the month than by announcing your latest listings? Of course, this doesn’t have to be a once-a-month post — in fact, you may want to make it a weekly so your followers are always abreast of the latest homes for sale.

  • Day 02 Live Q&A

    Trust is the primary consideration when people select an agent. And perhaps the best way to get people’s trust is to showcase your expertise. Luckily, social media channels let you host live streams where you can do Q&As to tackle various real estate-related questions.

  • Day 03 Property Tours

    In the digital age, it’s all about immersion. So while property photos are effective, video tours are even more captivating. You can hire a professional crew or just whip out your smartphone and give a walkthrough of the property.

  • Day 04 Industry News

    The real estate industry is red-hot these days, which also means there are always new developments. That’s why you should take the time to share the latest news on your social pages. Not only are you providing valuable information to followers, but you’re also demonstrating that you’ve got your ear to the ground.

  • Day 05 Tips for Buyers

    Let’s face it: being a buyer is tough these days. As a realtor, you have first-hand knowledge of what they need to do to finally land their dream home. From advice on house-hunting in low-inventory markets to crafting the perfect offer, these are tips that buyers will surely appreciate.

  • Day 06 Tips for Sellers

    There’s no secret that today is a seller’s market. How can homeowners make the most of this favorable trend and maximize their asking price? How might they find a buyer faster and close the deal sooner?

  • Day 07 Closed Deals

    And before you know it, your first week is done! To celebrate, you can post about the latest home sales you closed. Such content positions you as a results-oriented agent who gets things done – always.

  • Day 08 Client Testimonials

    As all realtors know, the best advertisement are the kind words of your past clients. So why not reach out and ask them to share their experience of working with you? Hearing first-hand from your satisfied clients will go a long way toward convincing prospects to choose you.

  • Day 09 Community Service

    id you know that 91% of consumers worldwide would switch to a brand that’s associated with a good cause? That’s why real estate agents shouldn’t ignore the power of corporate social responsibility. If you already support charities and causes, highlight it on social media to show your involvement in your local community.

  • Day 10 Employee Spotlight

    Your brokerage or team is only as good as the people that comprise it. Every so often, give a shoutout to a standout employee to thank them for their amazing work. Such posts give people a more intimate peek into your business and give it a more human face.

  • Day 11 Throwback Thursday

    Since it’s #ThrowbackThursday, now is an opportune time to share the story of a sale that’s particularly memorable for you, whether it’s because of the property, the buyers, or something else. Aside from riding on this popular weekly trend, you also showcase your track record of success.

  • Day 12 Website Feature

    Does your website have a useful tool that buyers and sellers can use? Then don’t forget to draw your followers’ attention to it! Whether it’s a loan calculator, an interactive map, or a home value estimator, it deserves to be promoted on your timeline.

  • Day 13 Local Events

    It’s the weekend! That means your community will likely have events and activities that might be of interest to out-of-town buyers. Hence, this would be a great chance to post about the event to pique their interest. It’s even better if you can join the festivities so you can share first-hand photos and videos of the event itself.

  • Day 14 Lifestyle Feature

    Remember: you’re not just selling a house, you’re selling a lifestyle. When you plot out your social media posts, reserve a spot for lifestyle features that showcase what makes a certain neighborhood the ideal place to live in.

  • Day 15 Million-Dollar Listings

    Many people wonder what it’s like to live in a luxury home. Luckily, you’re in the perfect position to give them a sneak peek into this charmed life. If you have a high-value listing that you want to promote, flex it online by posting it on social media.

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  • Day 16 Open House Announcement

    Got an open house around the corner? Your feed is the ideal place to announce and promote it! Who knows? One of your followers might just know someone who’s in the market for a new house.

  • Day 17 Day in The Life

    Many people forget that agents are people, too. Sometimes even the agents themselves! To give your business a more human touch, post a video of what a typical day is like for you — from your home, to the office, to the properties you’re showing. These posts tell people: “Agents, they’re just like us!”

  • Day 18 Blog Post Sharing

    People are hungry for informative and timely real estate content. So if you haven’t already, start a blog on your website that serves as an information hub. And with every post you upload, share it on social media to boost your readership.

  • Day 19 Polls & Surveys

    Engagement is the currency of social media and one of the best ways to boost it is to conduct audience polls or surveys. You can ask relevant questions such as what challenges buyers are facing or how much interest sellers are getting from out-of-towners. As an added bonus, you gain first-hand market insight from people who might be your future clients!

  • Day 20 Neighborhood Spotlight

    If you’re like most agents, you specialize in several communities. You can use the weekend to promote one of them. What makes this place special? Who is this neighborhood for? What amenities can people expect if they move here?

  • Day 21 Personal Post

    Agents should feel free to share tidbits about their life on their social media (with discretion, of course). Celebrating your wedding anniversary this weekend? Did your daughter score the winning goal in her soccer game? Are you renovating your kitchen? All of these are worth sharing on your timeline.

  • Day 22 Home Staging Tips

    We may be in a once-in-a-decade seller’s market, but that doesn’t mean homeowners don’t need tips on making their property more attractive to buyers. As an agent, you can share tried-and-tested staging tips that will help your audience sell their house quickly and profitably.

  • Day 23 Special Occasions

    Each month usually has at least one big celebration or observation, so make sure to account for such events. These could cover everything from major holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to non-traditional observations like National Pet Day (which you can segue into highlighting listings that are ideal for pets).

  • Day 24 Local Business Spotlight

    To be a real estate agent is to be part of the local business community. As such, it’s worth shining a spotlight on the small and medium enterprises that you think your audience will love, including boutique stores, cafes, and specialty shops. Doing so also highlights how convenient a community is and demonstrates your in-depth knowledge of it.

  • Day 25 Local Developments

    A thriving neighborhood is a living thing, one where new developments are always on the horizon. Fortunately, such developments make an area more attractive to real estate clients. If there’s a new school, highway, or shopping center being built in a given community, let your audience be the first to know.

  • Day 26 Interior Design Trends

    Interior design is a crucial component of successfully selling a home. As such, share the trends you’ve noticed from the properties you’ve successfully sold. Which colors are in vogue? What finishings are especially attractive to buyers? Which furniture piques people’s interest the most?

  • Day 27 Explain Real Estate Terminologies

    Buying or selling a house is complicated enough without the real estate jargon. You can do your audience a favor by untangling the meaning of confusing terms such as “escrow” or “active contingent.” Always use simple and direct-to-the-point explanations that everyone can understand.

  • Day 28 Share a Checklist

    A real estate transaction is a constellation of big and small details. By sharing a checklist for buyers and sellers, you can prevent mistakes that might delay a deal. For example, a checklist of what buyers should look for during a showing or home inspection would be extremely helpful.

  • Day 29 Flex Your Results

    Do you routinely get sellers 5% more than their original asking price? Do you close on homes in half the time other agents do? These are all solid proof of your excellence that your followers should. After all, a little flex never hurt anyone!

  • Day 30 Cross-post Content

    You’ve made it all the way to Day 30, so you deserve a break! Instead of coming up with a post for today, share real estate-related news from other outlets. You’re still keeping your audience informed without having to exert extra effort.

30-Day Social Media Content Plan For Real Estate Agents - Download Calendar

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