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10 Best Real Estate Websites for March 2022

Before you know it, the first quarter of 2022 has come to a close. Over the last three months, we’ve had the pleasure of working with some truly remarkable and inspiring clients, and we’d love to share the amazing websites we created for them. As always, here’s a rundown of our most outstanding work for the month!

Allure Realty Homes Tampa, FL

Just in time for the premiere of “Selling Tampa” on Netflix, our team launched a brand new website for Allure Realty Homes. As you’d expect from a brokerage with such an evocative name, this site is filled with elegant touches that make it truly stand out. From the elegant dark theme, to the subtly integrated background images, to the dynamic animations, is proof of the team’s mastery of luxury real estate. Of course, we also provided ample space to promote the hit reality show, including its trailer and a photo of the entire team-slash-cast.

What we love about this website: As the leader of an all-female brokerage, it was important for broker Sharelle Rosado to project both power and femininity in her website. We achieve this by adding touches of pink that add a welcome pop of brightness to the site.

Allure Realty Homes

Amber Anderson La Jolla, CA is proof that you can stay true to your brokerage’s branding while still giving your site a unique look. This website uses the standard color palette and font of Sotheby’s International Realty, but design elements like textured backgrounds, typography, and white space make it extra elegant. Clever features like portals for buyers, sellers, and investors also give browsers a taste of Amber Anderson’s renowned concierge-like service.

What we love about this website: Few realtors have mastered video marketing quite like Amber, so we created a dedicated section that showcases how she uses this format to sell homes. In the process, would-be clients get a peek into the exclusive properties she represents while also warming up to their future agent.

Amber Anderson

Stoebe & Co. Westhampton Beach, NY

Stoebe & Co.’s tagline is “The New Generation of Real Estate.” Fittingly, we wanted to give its website a sleek and modern look that lives up to its motto. The first thing that strikes you upon loading is the use of oblique shapes and generous white space, lending the site an unmistakably contemporary look. The classic copper-toned visual elements, in contrast, hearkens to the fact that top-notch service never goes out of style.

What we love about this website: The modern aesthetic continues through to the website’s featured regions. At the outset, the various communities have a triangular mask over them; hover over each one, though, and the full image is revealed in full color.

Stoebe & Co.

Brian Hyser Winter Park, FL

What do you get when sophistication is tempered by simplicity? Exquisite minimalism, that’s what. And this is exactly the design philosophy that underpins our work for Brian Hyser’s website. The site opens with a straightforward video where the agent highlights what sets his team apart. Clean lines, sans serif fonts, neatly organized listings, and intuitive navigation, create a clean and elegant look that allows the luxurious listings to truly shine.

What we love about this website: Just because a website is tastefully minimalist doesn’t mean its branding can’t stand out. For instance, typographic renditions of Brian’s name are used as subtle textural elements throughout the site. His stylized surname is used as a trademark element to open and close video materials, too.

Brian Hyser

Deanna Bennett Duluth, MN

When you sell homes in a place as picturesque as Duluth, MN, you need a website that frames this beauty in all its glory. That’s why for Deanna Bennett’s website, we chose a clutter-free design that truly puts the spotlight on the featured properties and neighborhoods. With plenty of white space, each design element has ample room to “breathe,” preventing the browsers’ eyes from being overwhelmed with information. Making the navigation bar, CTA buttons, and arrows red also reflects Deanna’s genuine love for her adopted hometown.

What we love about this website: In luxury real estate, it’s the little things that truly make the difference — and has no shortage of clever little features. Our favorite is the clickable little dots on the left of the site, which serve as shortcuts to the various sections.

Deanna Bennett

Kelly Morley Ocean City, NJ

When you first visit, it’s not real estate that greets you but rather scenes of life from Ocean City. Indeed, Kelly Morley understands that more than just a roof over their heads, her clients want a community where their family can thrive. Of course, the renowned luxury agent has plenty of prestigious listings to offer, all of which are rendered in charming postcard-like style. The red-and-white palette, meanwhile, is a nod to the passionate and dynamic service clients can expect from this respected realtor.

What we love about this website: With Ocean City being a bonafide beach destination, we wanted to infuse the website with its seaside appeal. We accomplished this by using the sandy shore and cerulean waters as textural details for the background.

Kelly Morley

NYC Experience Team New York, NY

With a name like NYC Experience Team, it was immediately clear to us that this client required a truly immersive website. And what better way to do that than by utilizing a full-screen video that gives visitors a peek into the city’s most prestigious homes? The same mesmerizing design is applied elsewhere in the site, especially the featured listings and neighborhoods which are arranged in a grid that fills the entire screen. This image-centric approach makes the project feel more like an interactive magazine rather than a real estate website.

What we love about this website: Knowing that the photos and videos are the stars of the show, we tweaked some design elements to give them the spotlight. For instance, the navigation bar is transparent while the contact and social media buttons are stacked in a discreet column so as not to compete with the introductory video.

NYC Experience Team

The Graves Team Atlanta, GA

The clean and uncluttered layout of is not just functional, it also lends the site a sense of inviting openness. After all, Doug and Cheryl Graves love living in Georgia and they want nothing more than to welcome more neighbors into this dynamic state. Moreover, the website acts as a comprehensive resource for buyers, offering detailed guides on various communities through its interactive map. To further highlight the team’s expertise, there’s also a section that showcases its impressive performance vis-a-vis the market average.

What we love about this website: If you take a close look, you’ll see urban scenery that’s cleverly infused into the background, giving the site an almost handcrafted lithograph aesthetic.

The Graves Team

Jenni Davies Annapolis, MD

Jenni Davies is a consummate professional and this quality comes through in her website. We chose an elegant blue-and-white palette for a crisp and credible look that instantly inspires trust. In line with the agent’s mission to help clients find their dream home in Maryland, her site boasts a comprehensive interactive map. The gold touches throughout the site are borrowed from Jenni’s logo and denote the deluxe listings clients will get access to when they work with her.

What we love about this website: Not sure which part of Maryland to live in? Jenni’s website has detailed guides complete with videos, photos, and insider info on a given locale’s sights and sounds.

Jenni Davies

Seahorse Realty Exuma Exuma, The Bahamas

When you visit, you get a clear idea of the tranquil seaside lifestyle that awaits you in The Bahamas. Of course, we freely took design inspiration from this picturesque place. From the various shades of blue, to the clever use of white space, to the postcard-inspired layout, Seahorse Realty’s website is truly the embodiment of a luxurious beach lifestyle.

What we love about this website: Hover over any of the featured areas or listings and you’ll see the team’s logo pop up. It’s a small detail that has a big impact on branding.

Seahorse Realty Exuma

Recap of standout features

Despite launching over 25,000 websites over the past 20+ years, we always find a way to make each project special. Once again, here are the most notable features of this month’s top websites.

  • Allure Realty Homes — Strategic use of colors combine for a look that’s powerfully feminine.

  • Amber Anderson — The website demonstrates Amber’s mastery of marketing through video walkthroughs.

  • Stoebe & Co. — Geometric shapes are used to heighten the website’s modern aesthetic.

  • Brian Hyser — Typography is used not just to add texture to the background but also to elevate branding.

  • Deanna Bennett — Dot navigation makes it easy for browsers to know which section they’re in, while also serving as shortcuts to other parts of the site.

  • Kelly Morley — Elements like crystal clear waters and sandy shores are incorporated into the background as textural details.

  • NYC Experience Team — The entire website is optimized so that photos and videos take the center stage, creating a truly immersive browsing experience.

  • The Graves Team — Elegant use of background imagery gives the site a distinctly handcrafted look.

  • Jenni Davies — Detailed community guides make it easy to find the neighborhood you’ll fall in love with.

  • Seahorse Realty Exuma — Hovering over listings and featured areas reveals the company’s logo, a clever little touch of branding.

Ready to revamp your website?

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