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10 Best Real Estate Websites for April 2022

Spring is the season for baseball games, gardening, and myriad outdoor activities. But if you work in real estate, you know it’s also the busiest sales season of the year. The question, however, is whether your branding is fresh and enticing enough to attract the droves of buyers eager to house-hunt in the months ahead.

Luckily, you can give your real estate brand a big boost by getting a website makeover. The 10 sites featured on this list got their sites upgraded just in time for spring and are well poised to make the most of the season.

Clutch Abode Studio City, CA

When Clinton Wade approached us to do his website, he wanted a design that was unmistakably modern. While looking for inspiration, we zeroed in on his logo, which is a contemporary rendering of a home using abstract lines. This motif was used throughout the site, overlaid on images and used as a textural detail for the background. While the website predominantly uses neutral tones, gold accents denote the luxury homes and VIP service Clinton offers.

What makes this website special? is filled with thoughtful design touches, but what stands out the most is the treatment of its featured areas. Arranged in a grid is a series of prestigious addresses in Los Angeles County. Hover your mouse over one of them, and the surrounding cards morph into a blown-up version of that community, creating a mosaic-like effect.

Clutch Abode

Florence Ropelewski Napa, CA

At first glance, might seem more like a lifestyle than a real estate website. It’s a deliberate choice, however, as this team positions itself as “the branding agency for your home.” The ample white space, muted color palette, and simple layout create a browsing experience that’s both casual and refined — a fitting look, as L’Agence specializes in Napa Valley, one of the country’s premier wine countries.

What makes this website special? L’Agence understands that your dream home can’t wait. That’s why it has a dedicated call button on the lower right of the website that you can click to instantly connect with the team. This seamless user experience is emblematic of the world-class service you can expect from this brokerage.

Florence Ropelewski

Maya Peters Beverly Hills, CA

Los Angeles has long been an iconic address, but it’s also the epitome of the good life. Fittingly,’s opening video features aspirational scenes interspersed with beautiful homes. The design of the site is sleek and professional, just like its namesake realtor. At the same time, the simple layout and generous white space create a welcome and open feel — a nod to the lifestyle buyers can expect when they move to Southern California.

What makes this website special? exemplifies the wonderful results you can get with our Agent Pro design package. This website, in particular, uses the Holbein template, which puts videos and photos on the center stage.

Maya Peters

Rodney Eiland Southlake, TX

Rodney Eiland understands that while real estate involves properties, it’s really about people. So when designing, we decided to highlight his work and the people he passionately serves. To give his website a friendly and approachable look, our team used calming shades of blue. Despite this site’s simplicity, craftsmanship is evident in the grayscale images embedded in the background.

What makes this website special? In keeping with the design brief, features a section called “Welcome To My World.” Clicking on it takes browsers to a section that showcases snapshots of Rodney’s life, as shared on his various social media channels.

Rodney Eiland

Cush Real Estate Oakland, CA

A website for sophisticated homes requires an equally sophisticated touch. That’s why has a clean and modern look that wouldn’t look out of place in an interior design magazine. The site breaks out of the confines of symmetrical design with its collage-like presentation of listings. The interplay between black-and-white and full-color visuals also sparks interest and makes browsing more engaging.

What makes this website special? A real estate team is only as good as its agents. And on, visitors can get to know each of the excellent realtors in this group. Hover your mouse on a photo and it bursts into color, then allows you to see that agent’s profile.

Cush Real Estate

The Bienstock Group Los Angeles, CA is a case study in interesting contrasts. Its black-and-blue palette is inspired by both the deluxe homes the team represents and the signature clear skies of Los Angeles. The design is markedly modern, but the site communicates its dedication to good, old-fashioned customer service. The result? A website that’s worthy of a team with over $1 billion in lifetime sales.

What makes this website special? At the start of the design process, one thing was clear: the team wanted its branding to play a central role in the website. As such, we took the group’s logotype and incorporated it into the background so it’s visible no matter where you scroll.

The Bienstock Group

Nick Rogers La Jolla, CA

Can a website be both classic and contemporary? As proves, the answer is absolutely “yes!” Boasting a stylish black-and-white color palette, it exudes sophistication from top to bottom. The minimalist layout, meanwhile, not only enhances browsing experience but also lends the site a modern appeal. The clever use of background images and the parallax effect make this website the epitome of good taste.

What makes this website special? Nick Rogers’ website has mastered the art of subtle branding. His logo is integrated throughout the site, from the banner image, to the user portals, to the featured properties.

Nick Rogers

The Montes Group Los Angeles, CA

For a team that promises unparalleled white-glove service, it was vital that The Montes Group’s website embodies elegance and style. As such, it was only natural that we went with a black-and-white palette in accordance with the team’s mission to provide a boldly different luxury real estate experience. The use of the parallax effect, meanwhile, signifies the dynamic and responsive service clients can expect from this brokerage.

What makes this website special? Not only does The Montes Group serve clients with the utmost care, but it also gives back to the community it belongs to. As such, its website has a dedicated section for RUNDALAY, the Los Angeles-based non-profit that the team supports.

The Montes Group

Blue Brick Real Estate Roslyn Heights, NY

Blue Brick Real Estate’s standout feature is its adherence to flat design, which creates a clean and sleek aesthetic. Another feature worth noting is its interesting use of blue and gold, two colors that denote prestige and class. Gradients of these hues are also applied to other parts of the site to create even more visual appeal.

What makes this website special? True to the real estate team’s name, we incorporated a brick-like texture in certain parts to lend the site a bit of old-fashioned charm – a nice counterbalance to the flat design style and aesthetic.

Blue Brick Real Estate

Vidi Revelli La Jolla, CA aims to encapsulate everything that is special about this scenic seaside city. That’s why its introductory video showcases sweeping shots of the shore, along with snapshots of the locale’s vibrant lifestyle. The color pink plays an important role in the website, as it captures both the colorful culture of La Jolla and the vibrant personality of Vidi Revelli, the respected agent who commissioned this website. She is also prominently featured in various videos throughout the site, demonstrating her unmatched expertise in this property market.

What makes this website special? To further elevate Vidi Revelli’s brand, we emblazoned her initials on each of the listings on her site. Just hover over a featured property and you’ll find her logo overlaid on it.

Vidi Revelli

Recap of standout features

A great website deserves a second look, so let’s recap what makes this month’s selection exceptional.

  • Clutch Abode — Clever use of design lends the featured communities a stylish mosaic-like effect.

  • Florence Ropelewski — A dedicated call button connects you to an agent in no time at all.

  • Maya Peters — Masterful customization of our design template results in a website that has a distinctly deluxe look.

  • Rodney Eiland — A section called “Welcome To My World” gives people a peek into this ace agent’s fascinating life.

  • Cush Real Estate — An interactive gallery allows browsers to learn more about the team’s exceptional agents.

  • The Bienstock Group — The team’s logotype is tastefully incorporated into the background.

  • Nick Rogers — This agent’s logo is overlaid throughout the site, proving that branding can be subtle but effective.

  • The Montes Group — Aside from the impressive listings, this website also shines a spotlight on the group’s charitable activities.

  • Blue Brick Real Estate — Selective use of a brick-like background offers a nice counterpoint to the site’s flat and modern aesthetic.

  • Vidi Revelli — Hover over a listing and Vidi Revelli’s logo will be overlaid on it.

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