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Web Conferencing Tools for Real Estate

A convenient alternative to sit-down meetings is web conferencing and real estate agents, brokers and company executives should take advantage of its many benefits.

With functionalities like video chatting, real-time voice conference and file sharing, it’s now easy to hold web-based seminars, training lectures, online listing presentations and quick meetings. Participants from different locations can avoid the hassle and cost of physical travel; and marketers are leveraging webinars to promote their company and educate people about a certain market trend, product or service. If you like to try web conferencing for your company or clients, here are some popular ones to checkout.

A flexible and easy-to-use web conferencing service that brings real-time functionality to a whole new level. GoToMeeting offers flat-rate monthly and annual pricing, unlimited meetings for up to 15 attendees and compatibility with cost-effective phone options like toll-free and VoIP.
Cost: $49/mo – $149/mo
Free Trial: Yes, 30 days

Cisco WebEx
The WebEx Meeting Center gives you a single meeting room capable of supporting 25 simultaneous users. Presenters can share prepared presentations, uploaded documents, or any application running on the host’s desktop.
$19/mo -$49/mo
Free Trial: Yes, 14 days

Adobe Connect
Has all the features like phone and video conference tools, whiteboards, lead sessions and more. Adobe Connect Pro creates a conference room that audiences, co-hosts and participants can access through a unique URL. Aside from online conferencing, this service can handle e-learning sessions through interaction-inspired web tools. Aside from the common video chat and file sharing, sessions can also be recorded for documentation and future viewing.
Free Trial: Yes, 14 days

Aside from free phone conferencing and Skype integration, Yugma offers full functionality for multiple platforms and browsers, allowing users to share desktops, record and playback meetings, conduct whiteboard sessions, etc. With a focus on audio and chat features,however, Yugma still lacks true video conferencing functionality.
Free or $9.95/mo – $159.95/mo
Free Trial: yes

This is a free and simple web conferencing tool that has the essential features of an online meeting and desktop-sharing. This service is good for smaller meetings of up to 10 participants.

A simple-to-use, web-based conferencing tool which doesn’t require an application download. It works on popular browsers and on mobile devices. The HD multi video conferencing option is only available for the more expensive Pro version.
Free Trial: yes, 14 days

Offers two solutions: ClickMeeting that enables users to set up meetings for up to 25 participants, and ClickWebinar that offers companies live video conference streaming for 100 to 1,000 attendees. You can also customize your conference room with your own branding,logos, fonts, colors, and graphics.
Free Trial: yes, 30 days

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