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Tips for A Better Real Estate Video

Real estate professionals are now making the most out of the digital marketing revolution by utilizing any medium and platform they can to market their services.

Aside from a professional  website, you can create your own real estate video as a preview of what your company can offer or a teaser of what your latest featured property looks like. Here are some tips on how you can make your real estate videos sell:



1. No “This is the table… This is the kitchen… This is the bathroom…”

  • When giving a guided tour of the home, pointing to the living room and saying that it is the living room is not only stating the obvious but eats up precious seconds of your video time.
  • Instead, directly point out the special features of a home and describe what it would feel like living here.

2. Numbers sound boring.

  • Talk as if you’re having a conversation with a real client so that they can relate to what you’re offering.
  • No need to bore your video audience with numbers and stats. They can look up supplemental info to a separate page link if you want to discuss your market info in detail.

3. Sound and video quality.

  • A good video is largely dependent on the sound quality and clarity of narration. If there is much ambient noise when you’re recording, opt to do a voice-over narration instead.
  • If you’re not yet ready to hire a professional videographer and you’re making the video yourself, make sure to properly light the space that you’re shooting so that you can do justice to that beautiful home you’re featuring.

4. Location. Location. Location.

  • A home is part of a neighborhood so don’t just showcase the property itself.
  • Put it in context and incorporate a few frames of the nearby landmarks,schools, etc.. This way, your prospects can imagine themselves living in the house that you’re selling.

Your real estate video can help make or break your sales, or at least help you get more online leads. Use this reel revolution the best way you can. For more video marketing tips, catch our marketing specialists at 1.877.270.0303 or visit