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Switching to the iPhone 5 to Help You Sell Real Estate?

The much awaited iPhone5 was recently made available at Apple Stores, with first week sales topping $5 million, just 3 days after its September 21 launch.

If you already have the iPhone4 or 4s, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth the upgrade. Here is what’s different:

  • The display has been made taller, not wider so you can see more of your content
  • The iPhone5 is thinner and lighter than previous iPhones
  • Web pages will load 2.1 times faster due to the new A6 Processor
  • iOS 6 is built into the phone
  • Apple has increased the battery life to 225 hours on standby and 8 hours of talk time on 3g
  • Camera improvements include panorama mode
  • The sound quality of voice calls and recordings will be improved

With all of these improvements to the iPhone5, it may be helpful to your real estate business to update your phone so that you can show your buyer large, clear images, use your camera to upload photos of homes and download web pages much quicker. It may also help you load your real estate website to show your prospective clients your listing inventory.