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The Value Of Being Seen In Social Media

Social media for real estate is more than just hype. With every kind of content being shared on the internet these days, this platform can be taken advantage of as an instant way of  reaching out to people who are looking for a competent real estate professional.

While print advertising and word of mouth marketing definitely isn’t dead, social media has the advantage of virally spreading the word about your company, services and expertise. Whether it involves real estate blogs or networking sites such as Facebook, your online interaction with potential clients are all golden opportunities.

Your edge over those who don’t engage in social media:

  • Exposure. One of the best values that social media offers is to be seen as the go-to real estate expert in your niche. Whether you are sharing listings, real estate videos or market advice with prospective buyers or sellers, being recognized as a niche expert will help you stand above your competition.
  • Getting heard. Blogging is about presenting yourself as a genuine industry leader with credible opinions and professional insights. There are indeed many real estate blogs out there today but only a few that are really in-depth and consistent. So the mentality that your blog will get lost in the sea of other blogs shouldn’t prevent you from starting a great one.
  • Participation. With real estate communities in Zillow, Architizer, Trulia and Active Rain, real interaction from fellow professionals keeps us inspired and updated on the latest happenings in the industry.
  • Accessibility. Cristie St. James is an excellent example of putting oneself closer to the reach of potential clients. Her website homepage has a row of connect buttons linked to her official Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and email accounts. Her website also has an integrated Video page and Blog which allows people to easily access her content on one place.

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