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Tips for Creating Great Headlines for Your Property Listings

These days, it’s an ever-increasing challenge to catch and retain the attention of home buyers and sellers. When it comes to making an initial impression to a potential client,  a listing’s photo and headline will definitely play a major part in grabbing their attention.

Agent Image gives some quick tips to help you write a winning headline for your property listing:

  • Let your text stand out. Your headline won’t stand out in listing aggregation sites if you start with abbreviated details like the number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Relevant, descriptive words convey a more stronger message and encourages people to click your link for further details.
  • Start with ready-made potential. Using phrases like “lavishly appointed” or “tastefully designed” is a great way to attract attention. It contains the subliminal message that the package contains something extra-anything from restored antique furniture to satellite television.
  • Inspire curiosity. Encourage people to find out for themselves what makes the property so special. Use headlines like, “Find out how you can live in this Mediterranean-inspired home for a limited-offer pricing” or interject a few words like “Luxurious, landscaped garden” when describing a home. Headlines like these make people curious and interested to know more about the property.
  • Choose your adjectives. No need to mention that the listing is a “Must Go!” Instead, describe a home’s “feel” as “elegantly-furnished“, “impeccably-maintained“, or “with picturesque views“. Its appeal lies in the message that the dirty work has been done and all the new owners have to do is enjoy the comfort of their new home. Of course, it pays to mention that the superlatives that you are using must be the truth.
  • Promoting green living. Homes that have gone “green” with facilities such as solar panels or energy saving features will definitely help a listing stand out. Green homes also appeal to a very specific market segment so make sure a reference to  this is included in your headline.

A good headline can reel in clients hook, line, and sinker. In such a competitive industry, creativity and a few choice words saves your listings from becoming dull and forgettable. Learning how to stir people’s curiosity to find out more will definitely work for your favor.

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