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Compose Hiqh Quality Content for Your Real Estate Blog

SEO Real Estate Internet MarketingNot only is your real estate blog a great way to show potential clients your expertise, it’s also a great real estate marketing tool.  However, one of the main issues of having a blog is updating on a regular basis.  We’ve all been in that slump, so here’s five tips to help you be able to come up with.

Determine how often you want to post.
Once a week? Twice?  Or perhaps publish 5 posts per month?  Once you decide how frequently you want your blog to be updated, it’ll be easier to design a work system for yourself.

Create a plan of action.
Now that you know more or less how much you’ll be posting, it’s time to come up with a timetable.
Schedule a definite time (ex. every 7:00AM or every 6:00PM) to write and work on your posts.
Make it a habit so your brain gets used to it and you are less likely to get writer’s block.

Jot it down, now.
Nowadays, people never leave their homes without their phones.  Your mobile phone comes in handy when you’ve come across an idea.
With your mobile phone, put your ideas so you won’t forget them and you’ll be able to get back to them once you’re in your writing mode.

Keep on writing.
Sometimes life off the internet gets to the best of us but there’s a way to work around this.
When ideas and inspiration just seem endless, just keep on writing.  If you’re worried that you’ll over update your real estate blog, you can always schedule when your posts will be published.

Look back.
If you’re having a bad case of writer’s block, go back through your old posts and see if there’s something that can be updated.  For example, a new recreational center just officially opened in your neighborhood a year after you posted about its plans.

The more time you spend and work on your blog, coming up with and publishing content won’t be as daunting and difficult as it was before.  Here’s an extra helpful tip: incorporate keywords in your posts so your potential real estate clients can easily find you.

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