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8 Seconds to Impressing Your Website Visitors

Did you know that an average website visitor takes only around 8 seconds to decide whether to stay on your site?  It takes more than visual appeal to make your real estate website achieve the goals that you have set.


Here are a five tips to make sure those passing visitors stay.

1. Be the solution.

  • There are two questions which your client will ask himself, “Am I in the right place?” and “What’s in here for me?”
  • The answer to his questions will depend on your expertise and how you can help him to successfully buy or sell a home.

2. Offer something of value.

  • On your web pages, instead of presenting endless facts about your achievements, go for “here’s what I have for you”.
  • Put up a resource page, newsletters, case studies, etc.

3. Three clicks.

  • Today, a website must be able to let its users get information within 3-clicks at the most.  More than three clicks could lead to having to wait for the page to load and your visitors losing their interest.

4. Pull at their heartstrings.

  • Winning over your visitors takes more than just presenting the facts and information about a certain property.
  • Help them visualize their dreams of owning, as cliche as it may sound, a romantic cabin by the beach or a home in the countryside by posting captivating photos and a video tour of the home you’re selling.

5. The Inverted Pyramid.

  • This is the writing style journalists use in which the most important information is highlighted and presented on top.
  • As the pyramid narrows down, supplementing details and general information follow.  In today’s fast paced world, visitors will usually just skim through websites.
  • However, using this style of content writing will give your visitors the information they need and once they see that you have it, they will come back.

If your visitors feel that your website is not taking them where they want to be, they will move on to the next site.  However, if you grab their attention on the get-go in the first few seconds, they will most likely stay and continue browsing, and hopefully become a lead.