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6 Benefits of Tablet PCs for Real Estate Agents

Even Realtors© have jumped on the Tablet wagon.  Most consider it as the most valuable gadget among other mobile devices.  For some, it may just be a luxury item but it’s greatly beneficial.




  • One of the top advantages of having Tablet PC is being able to get your work done almost anywhere and while on the go. Not to mention it’s very travel friendly.
  • A Tablet PC may have limited functionality compared to a laptop but that means it costs less to support.  It’s relatively rare for viruses or spywares to penetrate into it.
  • Some real estate agents taker their Tablet PC with them to their open houses.  In case your present clients are looking for something else, it’s easy to show them other properties that is the better fit for them using your Tablet.
  • Certain applications make transactions easy such as a PDF reader which is great for reviewing documents (e.g. contracts) and file management.
  • Set up your CRM system in them and it will be more convenient to look up and record client notes, send out email blasts, and so much more.
  • They can help you facilitate an interactive presentation with your clients as you show them breathtaking and professionally taken property photos and videos.

Tablet PCs aren’t just for entertainment anymore.  Using one can help you become more productive in your real estate business.  It’s just a matter of knowing your gadget and how it works inside and out to be able to get the most out of it.

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