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4 Essential Features that should be in your Real Estate Mobile App

In a study done the previous year, marketers have planned to increase their mobile budget by 70%. Mobile apps aren’t just an accessory to businesses anymore but are becoming a great avenue for more sales.  It’s about time you develop a real estate mobile app and look into incorporating these 4 essential features in it.





1. Push Notifications.

  • These are alerts delivered by the app (e.g. update downloads).
  • Anticipating your users needs is an makes for an effective push.
  • Your real estate mobile app can alert users of new listings, open house schedules or even meetings with you.Just make sure you put value in every push you send out.

2. Location Based Information.

  • If you’re a real estate agent serving in more than one community, you may opt for your users to be able to customize their notifications to the specific one they’re interested in.
  • This is a vital feature for your mobile app for your real estate business.  Look into having your app be able to recommend properties in your communities on-the -go.

3. Social Integration.

  • This makes it easy for your users to share and recommend properties with others.
  • Most mobile apps are connected to Twitter and Facebook but the important thing to note here is what is being shared rather than where.

4. Easy Transaction Process.

  • Real estate agents understand what it’s like to be always on the go and still needing to handle their business.
  • Develop a real estate mobile app with a feature viewing and signing documents easier.

Incorporating these 4 essentials features will make an effective real estate mobile app.  However, don’t forget about giving it a great mobile marketing campaign to ensure its success.

Interested in developing a mobile app for you real estate business?  At Agent Image, we have the service capabilities to get you started. Please call us at 1-800-979-5799 for more information or fill out our support form to send an online inquiry.  You can also visit  our mobile app design page.