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Energize Your Team to Maximize Results

Energy is everything in the workplace. There’s the energy that fills the air when it’s the end of the week or when some great news has been announced. There’s also a different kind of energy when an important guest arrives or when the boss is in a bad mood. The bottom line is, the output of work really depends on the energy being created and expressed by managers and employees in the office.

Here are some tips to energize or re-energize the workplace to ensure great results and output.  All items can be used for both managers and employees alike.

  • Remember that everybody’s looking. As you are the head of a project or a department every move and every action will be placed on the spotlight by your team. Business experts believe that showing a side that you don’t want others to see is the first small crack in a strong team or department’s armor. Avoid this from happening and keep calm.
  • Stop poisoning your own well. If you have issues with another manager or somebody from the upper management, it would be best to keep it to yourself. It’s a sign of courtesy and professionalism not only for your team, but also for the other person and more importantly for the company you work for.  Once you start talking behind another executive’s back, you tend to bring in bad energy to the fold which could really hamper productivity. It could even split the entire office in half.
  • Breathe in the excitement. You can energize (or re-energize) your team if they see your enthusiasm for a product you are developing or a project you are working on. Nothing boosts an army’s morale than seeing the General ready and prepped for the oncoming battle. Even in the heat of the battle, seeing a leader charge can empower even the most battle-weary troops.
  • Show that you care. Showing your team members that you care will mean a lot. By showing that you are compassionate manager or co-worker, you remove the negative energy that comes along in the office.  It also tells your team and the entire office that you have people skills which come in very handy when dealing with projects and tasks.