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Have You Considered Your Client’s Love Life?

We’re not saying to meddle in their personal lives.  However, in honor of the month of February and that Valentine’s Day is only more or less a week away, here are some findings about dating and real estate from a survey conducted by Harris Interactive (as commissioned by Trulia).

  • Only 28% of those surveyed said they’d prefer someone who owned a home. The percentage of women preferring to date homeowners is bigger than men’s.
  • Owning a property does not pose a sign that an individual is ready for marriage or even a long term relationship, though it connotes that the individual is capable of committing to a partner.
  • 62% of the respondents prefer to date someone who lives alone. Men prefer dating women living alone in a big city while women are ok with dating men flying solo in the suburbs.
  • Living with your parents is a smart financial move but will make you unlucky in the dating world as only 5% of the respondents said they’re ok with dating someone who still lives with his or her parents.
  • 74% of renters are willing to consider living with their significant other in order to save money.
  • According to Trulia, the top home amenity that would make both men and women fall in love with a house is a master bathroom. A walk-in closet is a close second.

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