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Agent Image Reviews – Notable Website Trends of 2011

The best web design companies are always on the lookout for trends and features on how to make their clients’ business websites above par. In recent years, developers and visionaries have come up with improved technology-touch screen, social media, HTML5, CSS3, smart phones, tablets, and multi-support browsers-and it is a web designer’s job to leverage these tools to create effective websites and marketing materials. With the year almost coming to an end, here are some of the common website trends that we have seen this 2011.

Social Integration

Websites of 2010 and 2011 have integrated their social networking profiles and social sharing options into their pages. This is not only about simply adding a button to the site for RSS feeds or subscription but having a dedicated sidebar or social media area on the homepage. Blogs are also integrated on the website itself so that site visitors can conveniently access content in one place. With Twitter and FB widgets, visitors can see real-time updates on the company’s latest shout outs, photos and event news. With Like buttons and social media icons on the homepage  being  linked to the site owner’s social profiles,content-sharing has never been easier.


Sample of a social media-loving website.

Mobile-Friendly Websites

Today’s websites can be viewed on different screen resolutions  without compromising the site’s appearance or functionality. What you see on your 1280×700 laptop screen can also be viewed seamlessly on your tablet screen or on your vertical 960×640 iPhone screen.

Sample of a mobile-friendly site.

Image Background on Homepage

Aside from using more modern color palettes, many 2011 websites use large photographs as background images. These full screen images do not only look good and instantly emphasize a point, but also harmonize all the other elements of the site. These days, fine art photography and premium stock photos are very much in.

Sample of a website w/ a large image background.

Sites built on CMS Platforms

It’s all about dynamic content these days. No wonder user-friendly CMS platforms such as WordPress are such a hit. Real estate website built on the WordPress platform comes with an out-of-the box SEO advantage and allows for flexible customization and extension.

Sample of a real estate WordPress site.

Quick Response / QR Codes

First used in the automotive industry, QR matrix barcodes have made their way into the world of real estate websites. QR codes can be placed almost everywhere — on flyers, yard signs, business cards, stickers, as online avatars, etc. A smart phone reader scans this barcode, and you can lead people to the URL of your agent website or listings page. Check out this article for more info on QR codes.

Sample of website with QR code.

What other website trends have you seen lately? Do you wish to have these features on your own website? For more on custom websites, check out this related article.